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EATALY ex-Carpano Turin

Reinterpreting the existing industrial architecture and adapting the building to the parameters of contemporary safety and sustainability, the project has maintained its important volumes and above all its character.

Using contemporary grafts on the façade and in the interiors, in a logic of extreme construction quality, great attention was paid to the particular elements of the place and to urban redevelopment in the recovery of the

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The project to renovate and convert an existing building on the estate into a 4-star hotel, L’Hotel Vigna Magica Cantine Fontanafredda, focused on the two upper floors of the historic building, the 1000 square metre roof-terrace and the transformation of the staircase connecting the Mirafiore Foundation with the hotel rooms.

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WOPA- Centro Culturale Officine Creative, Parma

The architectural project of the Workout Pasubio (WOPA) in Parma, winner of the competition, was developed to respond to the synergy of the desires and needs of the municipal administration and citizens and to trigger a “viral” process of urban regeneration.
With low-cost interventions the citizens re-appropriate the neighbourhood, the complex becomes a flexible container, a place where history, change and creativity meet and contaminate.

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