Green Pea, Turin

The same principles that guided the conception of Green Pea were used to design the Vicina family restaurant inside it. The restaurant develops from the entrance area with a waiting area from which two rooms are distributed, characterised by custom-made furnishings such as the large wall-mounted bookcase, the reception desk and the partition walls, which provide a backdrop for the tables and chairs selected and customised. The large room is introduced by the glass and steel wine cellar and leaves the large cooking area, the true fulcrum of the starred restaurant, in view.

Artificial light dialogues with the natural light which is an integral part of the architectural choices and which, through the large windows and views to the outside, floods the interior spaces with light, while the exterior is abundant with birch trees and shrubs of mugo pine suitable for the restaurant’s eastern exposure. The lights, colours, acoustics and layout were chosen to emphasise the excellence of the restaurant and its relationship with nature. The choice of Leonardo’s drawings in the wall hangings is not accidental, but a reference to the love of detail, nature and the environment and the relationship with history and the future. Leonardo represents better than anyone else both the Italian genius and the ability to adapt and go beyond, while respecting the present.

ADDRESS Green Pea, Turin
Year 2020
client Eataly Real Estate
PROVIDED SERVICES Concept, design development and site supervision
designers ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino and Negozio Blu Architetti Associati
Photos F. Oggero