The green thread is the weave of our vision to make and think natural architecture, respecting places, people, the environment, interpreting and experimenting.

An architecture that comes from years of experience and a deep knowledge of nature and its times, as well as the capacity of listening and accompanying the transformation processes. Where each project has its own precise identity and the individual is placed at the centre of the creative process, his or her identity values, desires and needs are read and combined with the urban, historical, environmental and social context. Attention to people, to details, to the environment, to beauty, to the richness and resources of local cultures are the firm’s founding traits, with the awareness that every gesture, every artefice/building must have a long-term positive impact on us and on the surrounding environment.

We love a holistic, natural and multidisciplinary approach focused on the needs of human beings while respecting nature and the planet, on durability, on the life cycle of the spaces we design, and each project aims to positively influence the relationship between physical space and people’s well-being. Since 1995, his interest in bioclimatic design and sustainability in architecture has led to a specialisation in biocompatibility at the National Institute of Bioarchitecture and training courses at CasaClima.

With the green thread, nature, an integral, constituent part of our thinking and doing architecture, we create places where quality becomes quality of life, in the moment and in the long term, respecting the past. We listen, convinced that in order to understand and meet the challenges that responsible architecture imposes on us, it is necessary, first of all, to stop and listen. We believe in a tailor-made approach, where the whole is more than the parts of which it is made up, where listening, attention to detail and balance come together and become one. 

We pay attention to detail, cultivate curiosity and the ability to innovate materials, in form as well as function. Our considerable experience in a wide range of building types, from the design of retail buildings, hotels, restaurants, residences, gardens, to refurbishments and urban regeneration projects, allows for a broad vision, a fruitful intersection of ideas and experimentation. Always keeping the thread of our green thread, weaving canvases that cross the themes that are important to us for the future and an inclusive, conscious, empathetic and creative natural-architecture. 

The natural lighting, the management of acoustic comfort, the correct sizing and orientation of the space, shading devices and advanced insulation, the most modern eco-sustainable technologies are all elements that, taken together, promote quality that is not only environmental and to which the studio has been committed for years. Natural Architecture is a language capable of giving form to all the beauty of our resources, crops and cultures. An opportunity to unite architecture and society, sustainability and technology, tradition and innovation.