Serralunga d’Alba, Cuneo

The project to renovate and convert an existing building on the estate into a 4-star hotel, L’Hotel Vigna Magica Cantine Fontanafredda, focused on the two upper floors of the historic building, the 1000 square metre roof-terrace and the transformation of the staircase connecting the Mirafiore Foundation with the hotel rooms. With this project, thanks to the already existing “Foresteria delle Vigne”, which has undergone a restyling, has been created, among the first in Italy, the first piece of a “widespread” luxury hotel.

The particularity of the place, immersed in vineyards recognised as a World Heritage Site, and a symbol of the culture of these same vineyards, has made it possible to create a unique meeting point between nature, design and creativity. The project favoured a “light” intervention, to simplify the spaces so as to fit in “silently” and in constant dialogue with nature and the surrounding landscape.

ADDRESS Serralunga d’Alba, Cuneo
Year 2017
Dimension 750 mq.
Client Casa di E. Mirafiore e Fontanafredda s.r.l.
Designers ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino with PlaC
Provided services Concept, design development and site supervision