Via Palermo, Parma

The architectural project of the Workout Pasubio (WOPA) in Parma, winner of the competition, was developed to respond to the synergy of the desires and needs of the municipal administration and citizens and to trigger a “viral” process of urban regeneration. With low-cost interventions the citizens re-appropriate the neighbourhood, the complex becomes a flexible container, a place where history, change and creativity meet and contaminate.

The result is the regeneration of a disused industrial area located in the first outskirts of the city, where the recovery of the historical-industrial heritage has been combined with the design of new public spaces with a highly flexible system capable of adapting and renewing to potential future economic and social changes in the area. Here the concept of sustainability, in addition to technological innovation, modern installations and energy saving, extends to considering consumption in a balance sheet that includes the concepts of impact on the neighbourhood, collective wellbeing and sees as an out put the production of material and intellectual services and the expansion of the cultural offer.

ADDRESS Via Palermo, Parma
Year 2020 - ongoing
Competition First price winner
Dimension 4.500 mq
Client Comune di Parma
Team project RTP ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino ( group leader), PlaC, A.I. erre Enginering and 4U Enginering
Provided services Concept and design development