Gassino Torinese

From the renovation of an existing building, a parallelepiped located on the clearing of a forest on the Turin hill, this project was born to expand it and develop its potential, between tradition and modernity. A small and rustic house transformed into a residence of character and elegance, without overwhelming its nature. A simple language to respond effectively to the housing needs of a modern family. The project redefined the building in its natural context, extending and innovating the existing volumes and creating a strip of landscape.

With a continuity of local materials, the wall of the west facade was extended, thus establishing a visual foreground. The walls of the new volumes inserted in the profile of the hill are covered with the same stone, a scenography where both the built part and its natural context are highlighted in a mutual and suggestive interrelation. The insertion of a skylight into the roof that runs along the entire length of the facade creates a real strip of light inside the house, opening up different spaces in their continuity. Continuity that, thanks to a long and thin copper plate covers the double-height porticoed space, covers and extends, protects and illuminates, sorts and welcomes, and punctuated by thin metal pillars unites the buildings, wrapped in the surrounding wood.

ADDRESS Gassino Torinese
Year 2001
dimension 600 mq
client Private
Designers G. Ambrosini, C. Catino, P. Gatti, C. Grometto, M. Penna (Negozio Blu)
Provided services Concept, design development and site supervision

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