Yoga Center | home


The project involved the complete renovation of a low-rise building within a courtyard to create a yoga center and a place for living \ home on two levels. The owner wanted a place that reflected her encounter with yoga and all the spiritual culture that surrounds it and that exemplified the choice of a life and work project. The apartment therefore had to integrate daily life, work and allow both to be a place of contemplation and enlightenment.

The architecture, designed by ACC Natural architecture studio, is both simple and complicated. Light plays a fundamental role: an alternation between closed and silent spaces, which appeal to the search for the soul, and the zenith light that reflects the cycle of life.
The architecture with simple shapes is inspired by air, wind, sunlight, light and vegetation, with natural materials. A holistic project, just as the discipline of yoga dictates, where balance is, after all, a question of breathing.

Year 2016
client Private
Designers ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino
Provided services Concept, design development and site supervision