San Salvario | Residential building

Via Saluzzo 84, via Buonarroti 4, Turin

The project concerns the raising of a 1930s building and the construction on it of a new building volume, in the San Salvario district, in an urban fabric that was formed in the early years of the last century, following the urban history of Turin, and that was almost completed after the war, maintaining a balance between small workshops and elegant buildings. The project wanted to maintain the existing building and this balance, grafting on to it a new volume characterised and enlivened by deep loggias and large glass surfaces marked by wooden doors.

Between past and present, generating a gradual emptying of the façade towards the top, the volume is reshaped and enlivened by the presence of loggias, in favour of a more transparent, airy structure. The same elements are repeated in the new building on Via Buonarroti, where the continuous system of wooden doors emphasises the liveability of the balcony spaces and determines a façade design made up of changing wings on each floor. The building’s perimeters are redefined, finding a new geometry, underlined by the materials used.

ADDRESS Via Saluzzo 84, via Buonarroti 4, Turin
Year 2011
Dimension 2500 mq
Client Michelangelo s.r.l
Designers G. Ambrosini, C. Catino, P. Gatti, C. Grometto, M. Penna (Negozio Blu) and E. Pagliano, G. V. Porasso
Professional services Concept, design development and site supervision
Photo L. Cantarella